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POLS 102 9 - POLS 102 I I I The Legislative Mambo Bill...

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Unformatted text preview: POLS 102 9-22-08 I I I. The Legislative Mambo Bill Introductions Public bills, Joint resolutions, Concurrent Resolution, Resolutions Committee Referral Multiple referral – Joint, sequential, split Committee Action Subcommittee referral, Hearings, Markup, Report The Floor Calendar Days – Consent and Private Privileges (from power committees) Directly to the floor no matter how late it comes out Rules and rules committee, open, closed, and modified. Rules committee decides under what conditions it comes to floor. Open rule – legislation can come to floor and anyone can offer any amendment to it. GERMANES RULE – any amendment has to apply to the bill in question. (no germanes rule in the senate) Most committees don’t want an open rule. Closed rule – limit amendments, or won’t allow any amendments to legislation. Take it or leave it proposition. Modified rule – allows select amendments to particular parts of the legislation....
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  • Spring '08
  • Hammock
  • United States Congress, United States Senate, reelection constituency, Constituencies Geographic constituency, Commit tee Referral, Commit tee Action

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