POLS 260 The Liberal Perspective

POLS 260 The Liberal Perspective - o Realism – one goal...

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POLS 260 The Liberal Perspective 1/21/09 1:18 PM Liberalism Focus on cooperation Opposite of realism Immanuel Kant, 19 th Century (modern realism) o Wrote “The Perpetual Peace” Also known as Idealism Kant – one peaceful world Woodrow Wilson o Introduced “The Fourteen Points” Basic guidelines of diplomatic relations o Cornerstone of the League of Nations Key assumptions of Liberalism Cooperation among states (states want to cooperate) Actors: States, IGO’s, NGO’s, non-state actors matter whereas Realists only think states matter Rejection of unitary/rational assumption o Realists assume states are unitary (whatever the government says goes, no population dissent) o States are always choosing to maximize their utility (assumption of realism) o Liberalism says this isn’t reality Non-hierarchy of goals in system
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Unformatted text preview: o Realism – one goal was security through military power o Liberalism – goals can differ, economics at one time, security the next, not always the same • Interdependence o States are connected, they do not exist in isolation o What happens in one state effects what happens in other states o Trademarks of interdependence If state is a major power Geographic contiguity What about Anarchy? • Security is an issue, but not the only one • Mitigated by rules, norms, and international law • Reciprocity (you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours) o Cooperation brings about prosperity • Interdependence o One thing happens, it will have an effect on all o Must be concerned on actions of other states • Focus on absolute gains o 17:54 17:54...
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POLS 260 The Liberal Perspective - o Realism – one goal...

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