POLS 260 The Liberal Perspective

POLS 260 The Liberal Perspective - o Realism one goal was...

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POLS 260 The Liberal Perspective 1/21/09 1:18 PM Liberalism Focus on cooperation Opposite of realism Immanuel Kant, 19 th Century (modern realism) o Wrote “The Perpetual Peace” Also known as Idealism Kant – one peaceful world Woodrow Wilson o Introduced “The Fourteen Points” Basic guidelines of diplomatic relations o Cornerstone of the League of Nations Key assumptions of Liberalism Cooperation among states (states want to cooperate) Actors: States, IGO’s, NGO’s, non-state actors matter whereas Realists only think states matter Rejection of unitary/rational assumption o Realists assume states are unitary (whatever the government says goes, no population dissent) o States are always choosing to maximize their utility (assumption of realism) o Liberalism says this isn’t reality Non-hierarchy of goals in system
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Unformatted text preview: o Realism one goal was security through military power o Liberalism goals can differ, economics at one time, security the next, not always the same Interdependence o States are connected, they do not exist in isolation o What happens in one state effects what happens in other states o Trademarks of interdependence If state is a major power Geographic contiguity What about Anarchy? Security is an issue, but not the only one Mitigated by rules, norms, and international law Reciprocity (you scratch my back Ill scratch yours) o Cooperation brings about prosperity Interdependence o One thing happens, it will have an effect on all o Must be concerned on actions of other states Focus on absolute gains o 17:54 17:54...
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POLS 260 The Liberal Perspective - o Realism one goal was...

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