Chapter 11 stereotyping, prejudice

Chapter 11 stereotyping, prejudice - Chapter 11:...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 11: Stereotyping, Prejudice, and Discrimination pp.429-468 04/04/2008 14:41:00 Characterizing Intergroup Bias- Stereotypes- Beliefs about attributes that are thought to be characteristic of members of particular groups. Prejudice- A negative attitude or affective response toward a certain group and its individual members. Discrimination- unfair treatment of members of a particular group based on their membership in that group. Modern Racism- Prejudice directed at other racial groups that exists alongside a rejection of explicitly racist beliefs. (symbolic racism). Ex. Affirmative Action o Ex. study of helping black vs. white people pg. 433 Benevolent racism (favorable stereotypes) is not benevolent because those who deviate are treated with hostility. Implicit association test (IAT)- A technique for revealing non-conscious prejudices toward particular groups. Faster to pair keys if have a positive attitude and pairing stereotype with positive words. o Attitudes correlate with behavior with IAT but not if measured by modern racism scale. Priming- A procedure used to increase the accessibility of a concept or schema (ex. a stereotype). Economic perspective - identifies the roots of much intergroup hostility in the competing interests that set many groups apart from one another. (Cain and Abel story) Realistic group conflict theory- A theory that group conflict, prejudice, and...
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Chapter 11 stereotyping, prejudice - Chapter 11:...

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