Chapter 4 - Relationships Chapter 4 23/01/2008 16:48:00...

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Unformatted text preview: Relationships Chapter 4 23/01/2008 16:48:00 Interpersonal relationships- Attachments in which bonds of family or friendship or love or respect or hierarchy tie together two or more individuals over an extended period of time. Feral children like Victor cant be a simulated experiment. Without relationships children (and animals) behave abnormally and are usually over aggressive and have abnormal sexual behaviors. There is an evolutionary need to belong based on 5 criteria: 1. Evolutionary basis 2. Universal 3. Guide social cognition 4. Satiable 5. Suffer profound negative consequences if unmet Rational self theory- A theory that examines how prior relationships shape our current beliefs, feelings, and interactions vis--vis people who remind us of significant others from our past. Rational self- The beliefs, feelings, and expectations about ourselves that derive from our relationships with significant others in our lives. Self-expansion account of relationships- People enter into and remain in close relationships to expand the self by including resources, perspectives, experiences, and characteristics of the other as part of their own self-concept. Transactive memory- The tendency for people in relationships to share information processing of events based on their knowledge of their partners encoding, storage, and retrieval of information. Experience-Sampling studies- Studies in which researchers provide participants with beepers and randomly signal them throughout the day so that the participants will provide information about what they are doing and how they are feelings at that precise moment....
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Chapter 4 - Relationships Chapter 4 23/01/2008 16:48:00...

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