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Chapter 1 Review 1. By “nonverbal codes” (p. 3) like eye contact, hand movements, or facial expressions. 2. The following factors make each situation different: how we see ourselves, how we see others, how we feel at the moment, how we think about things and how we behave. 3. A few of the ways that we use speech in our daily lives are for the purposes of creating social contacts exchanging information, influencing other people’s behavior, or solving business and/or personal problems. 4. Feedback is very important because it helps the speaker make any necessary adjustments as the speech is being given.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. To me the phrase communication is a package of signals means communication boils down to a group of signals or symbols represented by words) being thrown around for us to absorb, arrange, and interpret. 6. Its best to think of communication as a process for several reasons. To start, while there are steps and rules to communication they are unordered and flexible, respectively. Secondly, there done correctly, there is a lot of thought, effort and energy that gores (or should go) into communicating with one another....
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