SOC 101 - Midterm Review

SOC 101 - Midterm Review - Author Work C Wright Mills"The...

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Author/ Work Main I C. Wright Mills "The Promise of Sociology" What is this quality of mind? 1. locating oneself 2. making connections between biography and history 3. make connections between larger forces and everyda Sociological Imagination bases on: a) personal troubles b) public issues Malcolm Gladwell About acceptance requirements at the Ivy League schoo "Getting In" Shows that although merits have some reasoning behind to do with the history behind the process Relates to sociological imagination by forcing us to think accepted in certain universities -- it may not be what we o Howard S. Becker About biases in sociological studies "Whose Side Are We On?" Although Weber says that sociologists should conduct un no such thing and that unbiased research is a myth Instead sociologists should just be aware of the point of v expressed to the reader -- this relates to sociology as be is aware of the political and social implications of his acti Laud Humphreys "Tearoom Trade" Gives a good insight into the details and sociological awa Richard Berstien About whether or not Captain Cook was considered a Go "Cook was (a) a God or (b) not a God" Prof. O says that this is just a manifestation created by W consistent with Europeans idea of themselves as being " Prof. S says that Prof. O does not take into consideration key sociological factors that would in fact create the imag Philip Zimbardo About how good people can be forced to do evil things "Psychology of Evil" situation in which an individual is placed He uses his prison experiment, as well as the Holocaust under certain circumstances good people can be conditio Adam Smith/ Albert Hirschman "Wealth of Nations" and "The Passions and the Interests" Sociological Imagination - need quality of mind to loca About Humphreys' detailed ethnography on gay tearoo Zimbardo is very much a Situationalist , meaning he bel Outline the basic ideas behind Liberalism Society is all about exchanges , and interactions between
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How do they answer 4 sociological questions? 1) How is society possible? Society is made possible thro
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SOC 101 - Midterm Review - Author Work C Wright Mills"The...

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