CHM 201 Lab - Preparation of Sodium Hydroxide Solution

CHM 201 Lab - Preparation of Sodium Hydroxide Solution -...

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Unformatted text preview: Christian Villaran TA: Chase Zachary Preparation of Sodium Hydroxide Abstract : The problem that comes up in this lab is that we create a solution of NaOH and water and we do not know the concentration of this solution. Because NaOH absorbs impurities from its surroundings we cannot simply measure out certain amounts of NaOH and water to calculate the concentration. To get around this we will treat the NaOH with a primary standard. Since we know the amount of moles it takes to react with a given number of moles of KHP, we can titrate the NaOH into a solution of KHP (with a color indicator) and figure out the concentration. We can check that our result is correct by figuring out the molecular mass of an unknown molecule. If the concentration was correct, then the molecular mass will come out correctly. Background: The purpose of this lab is to learn a technique that will enable one to determine the concentration of NaOH. NaOH is a strange compound in that it absorbs impurities from its surroundings. Therefore we must use a new concept of titrating with a primary standard to find its concentration. Not only is this important because we will use NaOH in future labs, but it is an important concept to understand when finding the concentration of any compound with the unique quality of absorbing impurities. The last part of the lab will delve into a way to check if unique quality of absorbing impurities....
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CHM 201 Lab - Preparation of Sodium Hydroxide Solution -...

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