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Final Essay - Music has been constantly changing and...

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Music has been constantly changing and adapting throughout the years as people's preferences change. This essay is on a piece originally composed for piano which was later arranged for orchestra. The greatness of this composer is shown by his ability to take his original work and masterfully rework it for a full orchestra. These two arrangements are very similar, but have a different feel and style from one another. The piece has mostly the characteristics of one from the Romantic Era. It has much virtuosity which was developed during this time period. The virtuous style that the second verse of the piano part was written in, is similar to the Schubert piece “Erlkönig” in which the piano is continuously playing fast difficult parts. The fact that this piece was originally written for piano is also a clue that it is from the Romantic Era since piano was the most important and popular instrument at that time. During this era, there was much interest in Nationalism and Exoticism as well. This piece, which is based off Hungarian folk songs, appealed to the Exoticism by bringing in music from other cultures. This work can be described as energetic and passionate. It has large dynamic changes throughout the entire piece; with many crescendos and decrescendos to bring out the differing melodies in the first and second verses. The harmonies in the first verse are very exotic and long, likely taken directly from the Hungarian folk songs. The harmonies following in the second verse are shorter and more to the point. The meter in this piece starts off with duple meter which is evident because first beat
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Final Essay - Music has been constantly changing and...

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