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Sociology Review for Final Exam

Sociology Review for Final Exam - *empty material has not...

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*empty material has not been covered yet Sociology Review for Final Exam Gender Stratification – the organization of society in a way that results in members of one sex group having more access to wealth, prestige, and power than members of the other sex group. Male and female occupying positions of unequal rank, power, or privilege in a society. The unequal distribution of wealth, status, power between male and female (the sexes). Sexual Division of Labor – the specific tasks allocated to men and women. A division of labor based on sex. Rae Lesser-Blumberg (1984) – “the level of economic power of women determines status of females in a society. When women are excluded from production they are seen as less important. A role in survival generally creates a stronger role from men and women. Historical Specificity – the “sociology of knowledge” the best to understand a phenomenon is to look the time the thing emerged and what was going on then. Gender – traits linked by a culture to male and female. The significance of members of a society attach to. *Reading- Fraternity and Rape Culture Surplus Production - Racial/Ethnic Stratification
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