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132b_James_Swetnam_Torts_II_Syllabus (2)

132b_James_Swetnam_Torts_II_Syllabus (2) - WESTERN STATE...

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WESTERN STATE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF LAW TORTS II: COURSE SYLLABUS Spring 2007 Section 132-B SYLLABUS AND POLICIES Professor Darcy James Swetnam Office: 302(L) Third floor faculty suite Telephone: (714) 459-1116 Email: [email protected] Office Hours: My office hours will be Tuesday afternoon from 12:30-3:30 PM and Wednesday morning from 9:30-12:30. You may make appointments in the appointment book at the faculty reception area or just drop by if I’m not meeting with someone. Required Books The Torts Process (6 th ed.), by Henderson, Pearson, and Siliciano. Understanding Torts (2 nd ed.), by Diamond, Levine, and Madden. Expert Learning for Law Students , by Michael Hunter Schwartz Also Required CPS Response Pad. We’ll talk more about this the first day of class. Course Coverage Torts II is a three-credit course that builds on materials covered in Torts I. The course begins with a review of the negligence cause of action and a discussion of the defenses of contributory negligence, comparative negligence and assumption of risk. Next we will consider the torts of trespass to land and nuisance. We will then discuss instances in which a defendant may be liable for an injury even if her conduct was not intentional or negligent. In these cases, the law holds the defendant strictly liable for damages. The remainder of the course will be devoted to the topics of products liability, defamation, invasion of privacy, and interference with contractual relations. We will explore the social, economic, and political considerations that bear on the development of legal principles in these areas. Course Objectives The Torts II has a number of major objectives. First, it will introduce you to substantive legal rules that courts and legislatures have developed over time in attempting to assess responsibility for losses suffered by individuals in various contexts. Second, the course will encourage you to critically examine these legal rules and help you to understand the economic, social and political reasons behind them. Third, the course will sharpen your analytical skills, especially those of case reading and applying legal rules to actual controversies. Fourth, Torts II will assist you in mastering legal writing, especially test-taking skills.
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