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American+Attitudes+towards+War (1)

American+Attitudes+towards+War (1) - American Attitudes...

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American Attitudes towards War, Peace, and the Military Foreign Policy & National Security Options: From Diplomacy to Military Force Aims: Security of a nation and its allies Support of interests (economic, political, ideological) of a nation & its allies Support for values (justice, human rights, humanitarian assistance) of a nation. Means: Diplomatic Public Opinion Economic Military (military aid, threat of force, aerial bombardment, small ground force, commitment of major forces) Concepts of War and Warfare Karl von Clausewitz (Prussia) Aims: Total or Limited Types of Strategy “Annihilation ”: Direct means, attack on enemy’s main forces to break enemy’s will. “Exhaustion”: Indirect means, attacks on periphery of enemy’s forces and/or resources and lines of communication and supply (LOC) to erode enemy’s will. “Attrition”: Deliberate campaign of high losses to wear down enemy’s will. Sun Tzu (China) Psychological strategies, avoidance of war or against strength.
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