Business Finance Ch.8

Business Finance Ch.8 - b. Increases the cost of borrowing...

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 February 27, 2008 Ch. 8 Source of S-T financing I. Trace credit – accounts payable A. Largest source of S-T financing B. Spontaneous  C. Discount  Cost of discount not taken 2% discount > 2/10, net 30 > bill must be paid within 30 days Pay within 10 days 2%/(100%-2%) x (360 days)/(30-10) = 2.04% x 18 = 36.72% II. Bank credit A. Banks prefer 1. Self liquidating loans 2. Project itself pays the loan B. Bank loan terms and concepts 1. Prime rate – interest rate charged to the most credit worthy borrowers. 2. London interbank offer rate (LIBOR) – based on the U.S. dollar deposits  in offshore accounts.  3. Compensating Balances a. Borrower or refusal to leave a % of the borrowing in the bank. 
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Unformatted text preview: b. Increases the cost of borrowing c. Forces firms to borrow more than they need 4. Cost of bank financing a. Effective interest 1. Loan amount 2. Interest paid 3. Length of loan 4. Method of payment b. Effective rate Interest/principal interest x 360 days/ days of the loan Effective rate = interest/P-CB x 360/days of the loan III. Commercial paper A. A 1. Issue at below prime 2. Avoid compensating balance IV. Freeze borrowing A. Euro dollar loan foreign loans denominated in the US dollar. B. Sub borrow many denominated in the foreign currency, converted to dollar and loaned to the US parents....
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Business Finance Ch.8 - b. Increases the cost of borrowing...

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