Cheat sheet biostat - o 68.3% +_ 1 SD o 95.4% +-2 SD o...

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Variable o Categorical Ordinal/ not ordinal o Quantitative Discrete/continuous Sample o Collection of persons or objects on which we measure 1 or more variables Sample size-n-# of persons or objects in sample Observational unit- type of the objects in the sample Skewed to right Skewed to left Boxplot Identifying Outliers Fences Lower : Q1-1.5*IQR anything before or after this is an outlier Upper Fence: Q3+1.5*IQR IQR- Q3-Q1 – encloses 50% of data Deviation Standard deviation Variance = S^2 Coefficient of Variation= standard deviation as a % = CV = s/y *100 o Smaller the % means more variation Empirical Rule (only applies to normal distribution)
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Unformatted text preview: o 68.3% +_ 1 SD o 95.4% +-2 SD o 99.7% +-3SD asymmetry-skewness peakiness kurtosis estimate S by empirical rule p- parameter- characteristic of a population and sigma p^ - statistic characteristic of sample y and s Statistical inference: drawing conclusions from a population based on observations in a sample of that population. Representative sample Random sample a random n items is a n in which o Every member of the population has the same chance of being included o The membrane of the sample are chosen independently of each other...
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Cheat sheet biostat - o 68.3% +_ 1 SD o 95.4% +-2 SD o...

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