Socio test III - 21:31 Look at the Social Security...

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Unformatted text preview: 21:31 Look at the Social Security Administration and they looked at baby names. Does it still exist? Yes, against black people. Interview rates were lower for the black names than the white names, based on the name on resumes. All sent resumes- call back rates for white names were 10.08% and call back rates for black names was 6.70%. Racism- An ideology of racial inferiority, where some racial groups are perceived to be superior to others. An ideology. Three types. Biological Racism - are inferior or superior to other because they were born with traits that make them this way. (Smarter) Cultural Racism- has cultural traits that make them inferior or superior to others. (Some have hard working beliefs to make them achieve more, anti- Semitic of Jewish people) Have levels of racial feelings gone up or gone down? General social survey- asked questions weather people believe that blacks make less money then whites, and why? Asked a biological racist question, if blacks are less intelligent then whites. 1977- 26% people said yes 1994- 14% 1998- 10% Then they asked a cultural racist question, lack the ability to succeed due to lack of motivation. 1977-66% 1994-55% 1998-47% Internalized Racism- when you believe the racist ideology that is applied to your own group. They measured just for blacks. BR 1994-10% 1998- 9% CR 1994-31% 19980 38% Prejudice- specific attitudes towards racial groups that flow from racist ideology. (The Romanian friends friend who didnt hire workers because they were lazy, fear of certain people because they are dangerous, ext.) An attitude. Discrimination-unfair treatment or behavior based on prejudice and racism. A behavior. (Not hiring based on names) Very difficult to measure/ attribution process is very important. (Letter of recommendation and attribution process) Individual Discrimination- individual acts of unfair treatment due to racist ideology. (Turned away from a job, rude at a restaurant) Institutional Discrimination systematic institutional policies and procedures that disproportionally affect one racial group or give favor to one racial group. How do discrimination effect health outcomes? The attribution you measure effects your health, your stressed, discouraged, hurt, ect. Survey- Blacks Fired-37% Not hired 31% Harassed by police 33% Whites was 14%! This is how you measure discrimination in surveys- and in general it shows they are more likely to have mental and health problems. Theyd read racist hate statements and measured blood pressure, and sure enough it showed an effect. ---------...
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Socio test III - 21:31 Look at the Social Security...

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