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Six arrows of kemalism reformism innovation

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Unformatted text preview: d National Assembly, National Pact 1920 Lausanne Treaty 1923 Who belongs? • Mustafa Kemal Six Arrows of Kemalism Six Reformism Republicanism Secularism • Innovation • Popular sovereignty • Caliphate, calendar, law, language, hats, Qur’an • History, common identity (Kurdish rebellion 1925) • People’s houses, education, women • Economy Nationalism Populism Etatism Greek-Turkish Population Exchange Greek-Turkish The Government of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey and the Greek Government have agreed upon the following provisions: Article 1 As from the 1st May, 1923, there shall take place a compulsory exchange of Turkish nationals of the Greek Orthodox religion established in Turkish territory, and of Greek nationals of the Moslem religion established in Greek territory. These persons shall not return to live in Turkey or Greece respec...
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