England and russia agree to partition iran 1907 world

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Unformatted text preview: sia, Great Britain Danger! England and Russia agree to partition Iran 1907 World War I World 16 August 1914 Goeben and Breslau become Yavuz Sultan Selim and Midilli Commander takes over Ottoman navy Gallipoli campaign Mustafa Kemal (Ataturk) Eastern front: Armenians Mesopotamia Mesopotamia Goals: Route to India and Iran’s Oil Early successes Kut 147 days (7 December 1915­29 April 1916) • 1912 navy Promises: Sharif Husayn— McMahon Correspondence Arab Revolt eo/2672384 Promises Promises Sykes­Picot Agreeme Promises Balfour Declaration Promises Promises Anglo­French Joint Statement .html Faisal takes Damascus 1918 Syrian Conference makes him King of independent Syria French force him out Brother Abdullah to the rescue Arab and British forces take Jerusalem, Damascus Peace Conferences • • • • Mandates (San Remo 1920) French force Faysal out of Damascus Future of Turkey (Sevres 1920) http://www.atlas­­1945/cartes/TurquieSevres.html 1921 Cairo Conference creates Transjordan Left to right: King Ali of the Hijaz, King Abdullah of Jordan, Crown Prince (later King) Talal of Jordan, Abdul llah (Regent of Iraq), circa 1937. © Royal Hashemite Court Archives sjordan.html...
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