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Unformatted text preview: Muhammad Ali and Ottoman Reform Ottoman Ottoman Expansion Empire in 1800 Empire in 1914 Coming to Power Coming French stay 3 years Muhammad Ali helps to evacuate Takes power http://www.britishmuseum.org/explore/ highlights/highlight_objects/aes/t/the_r osetta_stone.aspx • Institute d’Egypte • Rosetta Stone 1799 • Governor 1805 Muhammad Ali Muhammad Governed Egypt 1805­1849 Goal: Independence Need reforms Modernize military Consequences? Manpower and Equipment Manpower Education • • • • Health Care Organization • • • Trips abroad Create schools: doctors, engineers, officers Translate books Printing Press Funding Industrialization (labor) (See money) Conscript army New officers End to old system of Mamluk households Muhammad Ali: Money Muhammad Taxes Land tenure New Crops Infrastructure (corvee labor) Industries Monopolies Tahtawi Tahtawi History through Muhammad Ali History Wahhabis 1818 Greece 1824 • "Salaf as­Salih", the 'pious predecessors' • “Eastern Question” Syria 1833, 1838 Muhammad Ali vs. Sultan Mahmud II, Ottoman Sultan, emulates vassal (ends Janissaries) Centralization (roads, postal service, administration) Education Westernization (fez) 1831 Muhammad Ali took Syria, 1833 150 miles from Istanbul (Agreement with Russia) 1839 Agreement with England Mahmud II dies, replaced by Abd al­Mecid ...
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