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To: Donald W. Blair From: __________ Date: December 1 st , 2008 Given the current economic downturn that we have been experiencing, there is an increased risk of fraud. Pressures to hit targets have become harder due to the current economic climate, increasing the possibility of people manipulating accounts and booking false revenues. While this is a difficult battle, this is one that we feel Nike will not have a problem with. Nike provides financial statements online, disclosing all information through extensive notes. At the same time, it is important that Nike not simply aim for the status quo, but rather continuous improvement. Competition and customers have become global, with geographical and financial borders becoming blurred. We believe in order to maintain a competitive edge, it is of utmost importance to maintain transparent financial reporting to users of financial information. In order to maintain this edge, we must look for ways to ensure continuous improvement in our processes. We believe that some of these ideas will improve the quality of Nike’s financial
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