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Anthro Notes 12 - Anthro Notes 12/1/082008-12-12 Outline of...

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Anthro Notes 12/1/08 04:50 Outline of lecture Popular concepts of development Academic/professional concepts of development Case study of Northern Mexico—cotton, revolution, irrigation districts Case Study Case study from Northern Mexico o Water, agiculture, social change o Political economy approach o Anthropology of modern study Popular Concepts of “Development” A process -> “childhood development” A project -> “a housing development,” “research and…” Academic and Professional Concepts of “Development” Economic development Political, cultural, social development Positive change (“progress”) The Development Industry Agencies that try to stimulate “progress” o Banks, government institutions, NGO Both supporters and critics see development as a “project”
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Intransitive and Transitive Intransitive: process by itself o Ex: the hurricane developed over the Gulf of Mexico Transitive: agent causes change o Ex: the company developed a new model of the car Both meanings are part of the concept Negative and Positive “Development” is a social process that agents attempt to direct and change This process has both positive and negative aspects
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Anthro Notes 12 - Anthro Notes 12/1/082008-12-12 Outline of...

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