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Response 10-30 - demonstrated in the Little Sister-Big...

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Sharon Wang Lau Feminist Studies 20 30 October 2008 In “Fraternities and Rape on Campus”, Patricia Y. Martin and Robert A. Hummer analyzes the system, organization and proceedings of fraternities. They identify the social circumstances constructed by fraternities that allow for frequent rape occurrences on campus. Through interviews with students, school administration, fraternity alumni and others, we learn of the conditions and practices of fraternities that ultimately contribute to normative violence and rape. The social groups maintain a highly masculine reputation because this determines their standing among other fraternities. Any hint of being gay or feminine is completely rejected. This emphasis on acting tough contributes largely to rough and tough behavior. Thus, violence and sexual compulsion of women become ways to prove their masculinity and heterosexuality. Also, viewing women as objects to “score” becomes normative. The exploitation of women is
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Unformatted text preview: demonstrated in the Little Sister-Big Brother relationship. Little Sisters are associated with the fraternities but not officially a part of them. They are solely for social purposes, providing Big Brothers sexual pleasure and entertainment. I find the recruitment process disgusting and horrific. The fraternity’s entire structure is immoral and detrimental. In Gloria Steinem’s “Supremacy Crimes”, hate crimes committed by white males are reevaluated and renamed. She points out that serial murders committed by this group are largely unprovoked and malicious. Their killings are for no feasible gain “except [for] the need to say, ‘I’m superior because I can kill.’” Her article emphasizes the white male hegemony, which causes us to fail to note gender and race factors in mass murders by white males. This “superiority” is definitely scary because it empowers white males to think this way....
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Response 10-30 - demonstrated in the Little Sister-Big...

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