Collier and Mahoney - Selection Bias in Qualitative Research (Methods)

Collier and Mahoney - Selection Bias in Qualitative Research (Methods)

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Notes Collier and Mahoney: “Selection bias in qualitative research” Basically, the whole article is about selection bias when selecting cases on the dependent variable in extreme cases, i.e. researchers tend to select cases that prove their theory and ignore cases that don’t have extreme values, but could, all together, disprove or alter the theory. -danger may lie in overestimating explanations discovered in observations of extreme cases, whereas the danger in quantitative analysis is underestimating that importance ---main issue---not just that they are extreme cases, what this really means is that there is NO VARIANCE ON THE DEPENDENT VARIABLE, as in, you are looking at a bunch of the same thing, how can that tell you anything unless it’s the entire population? Two examples: 1.) INDUSTRIAL COMPETITIVENESS: critique of Porter’s book on industrial competitiveness. The attack is on the issue of no-variance in selection bias,
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Unformatted text preview: but this author mentions other problems as well. Porter chose to analyze ten nations that shared a common outcome on the dependent variable of competitive advantage, thereby making his dependent variable nearly constant, making it extremely difficult to make causal inferences.-only selected top ten trading nations, whether they failed or succeeded, this is still a bias selecting on the dependent variable-define this type of selection bias as “complexification based on extreme contexts” 2.) INTERNATIONAL DETERRENCE: debate on a study of case study literature on international deterrence. The argument is that the selection is biased because they focused on crises which, in one sense or another, are already deterrence breakdowns. I didn’t really get the rest of the article, like if they were making other points. Sorry my brain died I guess. I think these were the main points....
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