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Movie-Mid Term Study Guide - Mid Term Study Guide Elements...

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Mid Term Study Guide Elements of Films- review paper Hays Code / Production Code- Rules and regulations established at various periods during the history of the studio system, that indicated particular subjects, ranging from nudity, white slavery, drug addiction, and other criminal acts to miscegenation, that were not permitted to be represented on the screen. Screwball Comedy- combined high comedy with, such as mantic comedy and comedy of manners, with low slapstick comedy. It took romantic leading men and women who had established themselves in serious drama, and plunged them into the madcap world of vulgar slapstick routines. They gave a literal twist to the tried-and-true metaphor of comic sexual relations. Brining Up Baby = screwball comedy. Film Noir- Literally meaning “black film”. Film noir refers to a style or mode of filmmaking, which flourished between 1941 and 1958, that presents narratives involving crime or criminal actions in a manner that disturbs, disorients, or otherwise induces anxiety in the viewer. Aesthetic Characteristics- relies heavily on shadowy, low key lighting, deep focus cinematography; distorting, wide-angle lenses; sequence shots; disorienting mise- en scene; tension inducing, oblique, and vertical compositional lines; jarring juxtapositions between shots involving extreme changes in camera angle or screen
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Movie-Mid Term Study Guide - Mid Term Study Guide Elements...

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