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lit202 study guide final exam - Lit 2020 Study Guide...

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Lit 2020 Study Guide Answers A Very Old Man with enormous wings 1 The man is an angel, represents religion 2 The man represents an angel, he represents faith/hope for the family to get money. 3 The crowd would throw stuff at him. Brand him. Treat him like a circus animal. 4 The spider girl takes all the attention away from the angel b/c she was cheaper to see. The spider is a carnival attraction. She used to be a young girl, but one night snuck out of her house to a dance. On the way home a lightening bolt of brimstone turned her into a giant tarantula. Her only source of food is the meatballs spectators throw her. 5 the angel tests his wings. He appears clumsy at first, but eventually flies off to the horizon, leaving Elisenda very relieved indeed. 6 written in a style called Magic Realism. This style uses realistic details alongside magical details. Thus the ordinary is joined with fantasy in way that invites the reader to accept both in trying to make sense of the text. It becomes difficult to distinguish between reality and fantasy in this style since neither is valued more in the story's presentation of events. This story has all the characteristics of Magical Realism, such as having one fantastic element while being reality based, having a deeper meaning, and having no need to justify or explain events or human actions. Gabriel Garcia Marquez does a perfect job of transforming the common and everyday into something very special and magical. I believe that A very old man with enormous wings is the angel, who represents the mysterious and unfamiliar elements in life. The angel is not just something supernatural, but also something foreign- someone who stands out in the crowd as being different from the rest of the society. The ones who walk away from omelas 1 brings the town good luck, the child takes away the towns guilt 2 good hearted people, who knew they had to get away. Guilty people, who had concience, but do nothing to solve problem 3 From the beginning of the story to the end, humanity comes in and links to the end. In the beginning, the story relates to humanity by the people in Omelas making the girl suffer without anyone knowing what was going on which lacks kindness. When the conflict starts, some of the citizens start to realize the importance of humanity and leaves Omelas. The society flawed because of the misdeed they showed towards the girl. A society doesn't flaw easily unless there is a very serious situation going on. 4 The story takes place during a summer festival. Then she lets the reader’s imagination create what the he or she thinks is a believable, “perfect” town by giving him or her options. The options are small details like whether there is or are not religion, technology, drugs, alcohol, and even sex without inhibition. The reader is given these options because she wants them to participate in the story. the lottery
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lit202 study guide final exam - Lit 2020 Study Guide...

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