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P&C Exam Qs 2 - 1 An organization's culture is...

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1. An organization’s culture is revealed and communicated most clearly through its symbols. Symbols assume the form of myths, visions and values, heroes and heroines, stories and fairy tales, ritual, ceremony and metaphor, human and play. All these are basic elements of organizational culture. Symbols embody and express an organization’s culture. Myth, values, and visions. Myths are the story behind the story. They explain, express, legitimize, maintain solidarity and cohesion, communicate unconscious wishes and conflicts, mediate contradictions, and are a narrative to anchor the present in the past. Myths often originate in the founding or launching of an enterprise. Ex. Start up of Southwest Airlines. Values define what an organization stands for, those qualities worthy of esteem or commitment for their own sake. Values are intangible and define a fundamental character that distinguishes an enterprise from others. They create a sense of identity. Ex. SW - motto. Vision turns an organizations core ideology, or sense of purpose, into an image of what the future might become. Ex. MLK speech. Heroes and Heroines. Living logos, human icons, whose words and deeds exemplified and reinforced important core values. Show exemplary performance. Everyday acts of heroism occur as people go out of their way to help customers or serve their communities. Ex. SW’s Heroes of the Heart ceremony given to backstage group that has contributed the most to SW’s unique culture and successful performance. Stories and Fairy Tales.
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P&C Exam Qs 2 - 1 An organization's culture is...

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