Lit 2020 midterm study guide

Lit 2020 midterm study guide - A Tell Tale Heart 1- 1sr...

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Unformatted text preview: A Tell Tale Heart 1- 1sr person (unnamed narrator) 2- is it the old man’s heart beat he is hearing or is it the narrators own anxious heart beat 3- the narrators “sharpened senses” made him paranoid and the beating heart represented the time that was bringing the narrator closer to death 4- the heart beat of the old man under the floor 5- symbolizes death. “vulture like eye” The fall of the house of usher 1- The narrator's reference to catalepsy–describing Madeline Usher as having “affections of a partially cataleptical character”–foreshadows her burial while she is still alive. 2- twins, they both suffer from strange illnesses 3- depressing malaise 4- Fall of the Usher family. 5- (the song) Usher sings "The Haunted Palace", then tells the narrator that he believes the house he lives in to be sentient, and that this sentience arises from the arrangement of the masonry and vegetation surrounding it. (the story)The Mad Trist, a novel involving a knight named Ethelred who breaks into a hermit's dwelling in an attempt to escape an approaching storm, only to find a palace of gold guarded by a dragon. He also finds hanging on the wall a shield of shining brass of which is written a legend: that the one who slays the dragon wins the shield. With a stroke of his mace, Ethelred fells the dragon, who dies with a piercing shriek, and proceeds to take the shield, which falls to the floor with an unnerving clatter. 6- Usher and the narrator bury Madeline. She was buried alive. Young Goodman brown 1- in the woods on a journey b/c he committed to met someone. It’s a challenge dealing with evil. 2- old friend of his father. Represents the devil. 3- the lady who taught him the catechism, the minister and deacon, his wife 4- faith is her name. he leaves her at the beginning, so he’s abandoning faith. 5- turns into a snake. It represents evil. 6- he believes his family is of good faith and doesn’t want to be first bad. The devil convinces him to stay. 7- Witch gathering (devil worshiping). He arrives b/c he hears faith scream and runs to find her. 8- purity, innocence 9- he looks at everyone differently, he doubts them. This journey shows that everyone is evil b/c everyone sins. The birthmark 1- it represents perfection. Aylmer-represents his challenge. Georgiana- represents blessing/love. Aminidab- he looks past it, he focuses on inside beauty 2- dream, kill her by getting to heart. Flower, magical, grows fast, crumbles immediately 3- his strive for perfection kills his wife 4- aminadab understands everything, he is just a body, just human. Aylmer believes he is god. 5- the necklace 1- in pursuit of wealth or status it is easy to forget what one already has to appreciate....
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Lit 2020 midterm study guide - A Tell Tale Heart 1- 1sr...

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