Sustainability - Sustainability What is Sustainability?...

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Sustainability What is Sustainability? Sustainability is a term used to describe people and in this case businesses, who attempt to uses resources that benefit the earth but in turn try to make the earth better then when it was first found. Businesses have recognized that their use of the earth’s resources have been used with no awareness of the effect it has on the earth or on what it does to future generations. “Sustainability is a philosophy with a new vision of the proper landscape. It is a concept of alternative worldviews in search of social structures, economic activities, accounting procedures, production and consumption patterns, and technologies that empower and improve the lives of all present people and guarantee quality lives for future generations.”( There are certain characteristics that can be applied to businesses that are attempting to conserve resources. These characteristics are: - Recognise your ability to act sustainably in all you do - Play an active role in promoting more sustainable practices
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Sustainability - Sustainability What is Sustainability?...

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