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HW3 - many different ways can lunch be ordered ANS 16 2 A...

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WEEK 3 Read Section 3. Lesson 3.1 Exercises 6, 8, 10 Lesson 3.2 Exercise 2 Lesson 3.3 Exercise 3 Do Unit 3 self-assessment quiz. *IMPORTANT* On Test 1, for Binomial distribution questions, you will be expected to check the 4 Binomial criteria. These criteria will NOT be given in the formula sheet. You will also be expected to define the random variable of interest. Points will be deducted for not doing so. 1. At Ron's café lunch consists of a choice of: burrito, sandwich, soup or hamburger, a choice of french fries or coleslaw, and a choice of coke or apple juice. In how
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Unformatted text preview: many different ways can lunch be ordered? ANS 16 2. A group of 4 doctors, 8 teachers, and 6 business leaders are going to form a committee of two. How many different ways can the committee be formed with people from different professions? ANS 104 3. Calculate (i) 7 5 P (ii) 7 5 C 4. In how many different ways can the letters of the word HOUSE be arranged? ANS 120 5. In Rapid City, South Dakota, there is a dog race consisting of 10 dogs. A first and second prize will be awarded. How many possible outcomes are there? ANS 90 ********************...
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