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astro 106 - ones are represented m smaller dots 4 a...

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Sean O’Keefe Astronomy 106 Section 102 1/21/08 1.) The terminator line in the picture is a sunset, because the earth spins west to east. Or from the suns point of view, left to right. 2.) Our solar system consists of our sun and the celestial bodies that orbit it. It is approximately 60 AU in diameter. The galaxy is a large group of stars, gas, and dust held together by mutual gravitational attraction. The Milky Way galaxy is approximately 30kpc in diameter. The universe is everything that exists anywhere. It is everything outside of Earth that we see and don’t see. The building blocks of these three topics are rocks and atoms, brought together by gravity. 3.) The size of the star image in a photograph doesn’t tell the size of the star, but by how bright the star is. Bright stars make larger spots on a photograph while dim
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Unformatted text preview: ones are represented m smaller dots. 4.) a. 502,318,080 inches & 13,953,280 yards b. 12,758.879 kilometers, 12,758,879.232 meters & 1,275,887,923.2 centimeters. c. From comparing a and b, I can conclude that using kilometers, meters and centimeters are more precise, verse inches and yards. But it is easier to understand A because of the smaller numbers. 5.) 1.5x10^8 Km is the same at 150x10^6. If you move the decimal 8 spaces to the right in 1.5x10^8 you can get the same number if you move it 6 spaces to the right in 150x10^6. If you take both numbers out of scientific notation you will get the same number. b. 4.5x10^13sec c. 5.1x1^19 sec 5.) a. Orion is best visible during March and Spring. b. c. Orion was a giant huntsman of Greek mythology whom Zeus places among the stars as the constellation of Orion...
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