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Sean O’Keefe English 101 February 13, 2008 Genre Analysis Beer has been around since the invention of cuneiform, the earliest type of writing. People would write down in pictures about selling or buying beer. There are hieroglyphics about Egyptians brewing beer. Beer has been around for thousands of years because the ingredients have been around for just as long. It is produced from the fermentation of the sugars in starch bases materials. The most common is malted barley, but people brew with anything from wheat, corn, or rice in combination with barley. Another very important ingredient in beer is hops. Hops are a plant in with which the bud is shredded and dried and then put into the mix. Hops give the beer are very bitter taste, but that bitter taste counters the sweetness of the fermented sugars of the brew. What makes beer so incredible is that it is possible to add anything you wish to the mix and even the smallest amount of cocoa powder, fruit, or even oak chips can change the distinction and taste of the beer so immensely. Beer is a genre of alcoholic drinks. There are spirits, wine, and beer. And like all three of those drinks, different kinds of beer cater to certain types of drinkers. For example, college students would most likely want a cheap bottle of vodka, while an adult with more money and a better taste for vodka would want triple distilled vodka for about double the price. Even wine has its differences. Location, ingredients, and age all play a factor in the quality of the wine. And like spirits, quality is price, and quality and price dictate the audience and consumer. Beer is different though. Beer does not get better with age, it actually taste horrible if not kept cold. Inside of the genre of beer, there are sub genres, and that sub genre is broken up by style. There are a lot of styles of beer out there, probably near 100, and that number grows each month or year with
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someone inventing something new in their kitchen. The most popular styles of beer which I will also dismantle are lager, stout, ale, and wheat. These are all kinds of beer, made with mostly the same ingredients, but one small change is made to create a totally new and different product. Lager is the most popular style of beer in America. It is the most mass produced and the most purchased beer. But even more popular than normal lager beer is light lager. These are your Bud Light, Miller Light, and Coors Light. Because of the “calorie watching” of America, these low calories have taken over the market. Larger starts off its process just like every other beer.
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english - Sean O'Keefe English 101 February 13, 2008 Genre...

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