CH 29 - 29-1ATOMS MOLECULES,ANDSOLIDS29Answers to...

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Unformatted text preview: 29-1ATOMS, MOLECULES,ANDSOLIDS29Answers to Multiple-Choice Problems1.A, C2.A, D3.B, D4.B5.A, D6.A, B, E7.B8.C9.C10.DSolutions to Problems29.1. Set Up:1,Solve:0,1, 0,There is one state for three for and five for The total number of states is 29.2. Set Up:Solve: (a)The largest is for and is (b)Lis larger than the maximum possible (c)For and For and For and For and For and ForandForand29.3. Set Up:1,Solve: (a)0,0,(b)In each case not defined. Reflect:There is no state where is totally aligned along the zaxis.29.4. Set Up:1,Solve: (a)0,0,0,0,(b)not defined. (c)The minimum angle is and occurs for The maximum angle is and occurs for ml5 24l54,153.4°ml5 14.l54,26.6°153.4°.132.1°,116.6°,102.9°,90.0°,77.1°,63.4°,47.9°,26.6°,L52"5U:150.0°.125.3°,106.8°,90.0°,73.2°,54.7°,L52"3U:144.7°.114.1°,90.0°,65.9°,35.3°,L5"6U:135.0°.90.0°,45.0°,L5"2U:uL50:24U.23U,22U,2U,U,2U,3U,Lz54U,L52"5U,l54:23U.22U,2U,U,2U,Lz53U,L52"3U,l53:22U.2U,U,Lz52U,L5"6U,l52:2U.Lz5U,L5"2U,l51:Lz50.L50,l50:cosu 5Lz/L.6l.62,c,61,ml50,n21.2,c,l50,Lz5mlU.L5"l1l112U.LS144.7°.114.1°,90.0°,65.9°,35.3°,L5"6U:135.0°.90.0°,45.0°,L5"2U:uL50:cosu 5Lz/L.22U.2U,U,Lz52U,L5"6U,l52:2U.Lz5U,L5"2U,l51:Lz50.L50,l50:cosu 5Lz/L.6l.62,c,61,ml50,n21.2,c,l50,Lz5mlU.L5"l1l112U.u 5150.0°.cosu 523U2"3ULz5 23U,u 5125.3°.cosu 522U2"3ULz5 22U,u 5106.8°.cosu 52U2"3ULz5 2U,u 590.0°.cosu 5Lz50,u 573.2°.cosu 5U2"3ULz5U,u 554.7°.cosu 52U2"3ULz52U,u 530.0°.cosu 53U2"3ULz53U,Lz.L5"313112U52"3U53.46U.Lz53U.ml53Lzcosu 5Lz/L.L5"l1l112U.6l.62,c,61,ml50,Lz5mlU.1131559.l52.l51,l50,22.21,ml52,l52:21.ml51,l51:ml50.l50:6l.62,c,61,ml50,n21.2,c,l50,29.5. Set Up:For the Nshell Solve: (a)The smallest lis so (b)The largest lis so (c)Let the chosen direction be the zaxis. The largest mis (d)The maximum value is (e)Reflect:The orbital and spin angular momenta are of comparable sizes.29.6. Set Up:dmeans and means Solve: (a)There are ten 3dstates:with for each.(b)There are no states. These states would have But the maximum lis and doesn’toccur for 29.7. Set Up:gmeans with andSolve: (a)There are eighteen 5gstates:with for each.(b)The largest is for the most negative The most negative is and(c)The smallest is for the largest positive which is and Reflect:The minimum angle between and the zaxis is for and for that 29.8. Set Up:Classically,For a solid uniform sphere,For an electron,Solve:gives Notethat gives that a point on the surface has which greatly exceeds the speed of light.29.9. Set Up:Solve:29.10. Set Up:Solve: (a)(b)There are 25 combinations of l,values. For each,scan be or Therefore,electrons can beplaced into the shell.29.11. Set Up:Fill the shells in order. Each subshell can hold 2 electrons, each subshell holds 6 andeach subshell holds 10....
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CH 29 - 29-1ATOMS MOLECULES,ANDSOLIDS29Answers to...

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