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WHOLE REVIEW: Theory: Explanation or model to predict certain psych phenomena, does not need to be proven, but can be falsified Falsifiable: Theory is well thought out, detailed, clear so that alternate ideas could be tested against it. It is conceivable to disprove it (since cannot prove) Used to describe good theories. Parsimony: pick most reasonable theory first Types of Studies: Naturalistic: sit and watch, don’t do anything (Jane Goodall) Case Studies: unique or rare individual case, (peculiar types of diseases) (Phinneas Gage- railroad rod through his brain, so people studied him) Surveys: fill out questions (e.g. Myspace survey) not always a good way, difficult to get broad group of people to take it, sometimes not serious, wording of questions Correlational Studies: look at relationship between two or more variables Experiments: require a researcher to manipulate the situation you are interested in how does alcohol influence test performance independent: change (give them water or vodka) dependent: result, what to observe (score on tests) two groups (receiving vodka, and then control group just gets water) Correlational Studies: look at relationship between two or more variables Single Blind Study: choose not to know who received alcohol and who received the water, helps researcher to be objected. Or not tell subjects what they are receiving Double Blind Study: neither participants nor researcher knows Inductive Reasoning: specefic information and making a general conclusion about everyone how scientists often form theories but cannot always be sure that the answer is correct Lindsay Lohan needs a martini, so does brittany. ..all young stars need them
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psychreview - WHOLEREVIEW:

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