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golden cangue - The concepts and storyline are so uncommon...

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William Bennewitz 02/25/08 AN150 I Am Now Depressed Eileen Chang’s “The Golden Cangue” is a story of despair, cruelty, betrayal, vengeance and destruction. It tells the story of a woman from a working class family named Ch’i-ch’iao who is forced into marriage with a man suffering from M.S. which leads to years of despair. She is looked down upon by her in-laws for her family’s social status which only adds to the fire of hatred that grows inside of her. With the death of her sickly husband she gains the independence she desires but the evil inside of her still rages on. She has become a cruel woman incapable of loving anybody including her own children who receive more ridicule than all others. Ch’i-ch’iao’s path of destruction leaves loved ones aching and broken. After reading this story, I sat on my bed with the book on my lap and tried to think of its purpose or how I can relate to it in any way.
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Unformatted text preview: The concepts and storyline are so uncommon and unique that its difficult to make a connection with it. In most stories, theres a character or multiple characters that you find a connection with and sort of root them on as the story progresses but I felt nothing but sorry for everyone involved. Is this story a commentary on the society of the time in which it was written? If it is, I dont see it. It could be that I dont fully understand what was going on historically during this time. The characters seemed very one dimensional with as much life as cardboard cut outs. It left me begging for someone to slap Chi-chiao and make her snap out of it to give her a chance for some salvation. Overall, I had trouble finding any enjoyment or satisfaction out of reading The Golden Cangue....
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  • English-language films, American films, Black-and-white films, Suffering, It Was Written, Depressed Eileen Chang

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