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Trip Bennewitz Teaching, Learning and Pop Culture 9/16/06 Ms. Banks Fiske/Hall Paper Films can be used to represent different cultural ideologies in society. Youth is an aspect used very often in films such as “Risky Business”. By definition, ideology is a set of ideas and beliefs about right and wrong. Fisk and Hall both discuss these ideologies in their work. Fisk states that cultures are based on ideologies and are driven by the media and language. He also states that people are driven by public opinions and perspectives. Hall agrees with Fisk about how ideology is driven by language and high culture. In terms of youth, we are driven by what we see in movies, TV shows, and magazines. These aspects of society tell us what is hip, cool, and socially acceptable. “Risky Business”, a very popular movie form the ’80’s, is a good representation of these. “Risky Business” is a movie about a nineteen high school student, Joel Goodsen, who is left alone for about a week while his parents go to visit a family member that has recently broken her hip. Joel is played by a young Tom Cruise and his character is easy to relate to. Joel, like many high schoolers, is constantly pressured by his parents about doing well in school and getting into a good academic institution. This pressure is influenced by society’s emphasis on the need to go to a good school in order to get a good well-paying job later in life.
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Joel is also pressured by his friends about sex. Joel drops his parents off at the airport and receives the usual talk about not getting into trouble and then he leaves. This is where you see one of the most famous scenes in movie history. With the house all to himself, Joel blasts “Old Time Rock ‘n’ Roll” by Bob Segar and proceeds to dance around the living room in a button-down polo shirt and his tighty whities. A day or two after Joel drops his parents off at the airport, his best friend, Miles, orders what he thought was a female prostitute to Joel’s house. Later that evening, a large transvestite prostitute arrives at the house.
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fisk paper - Trip Bennewitz Teaching Learning and Pop...

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