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paideia research - Andrew Jacksons views on how...

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Andrew Jackson’s views on how reconstruction should go and how it did go. Dunning, William Archibald. Reconstruction: Political and Economic 1865-1877 . New York: Harper Torchbooks, 1962, 5-17, 19. General Information about Reconstruction The problems, in which the government was required to fix in May 1865, were focused on the circumstances of several different areas of the country. These three areas were: (1) The free states in the north, (2) border slave states, (3) the conquered region of the slaves states in the south. (1) The northern states had to disband their military systems in which the war required. This meant around a million men had to give up their lives as military troops and become regular citizens again. And the recruiting and enlisting agencies must be dissolved as well, the running of the justice system must also be restored The north had also experienced a great deal of success in their industrial and commercial industries during the war, while the southern states had industries such as cotton production and trading by ships disrupted by the war’s outbreak. But they offset their losses in cotton and trading, by the production of goods in which the war required. (2) The border slave states each had a very small amount of people that had favored succession and each one of these states had given thousands of soldiers to the confederate army. These Border States had also been the main place in which battles took place during the war and had suffered a lot of destruction because of the warfare that had taken place. The way in which these Border States were divided between Confederate supporters and those of the Union, affected the normal everyday lives of many of the people that lived there. The U.S. military was also present in these Border States for many months after the collapse of the Confederacy and further disrupted the restoring of normalcy to the lives of the people living in these Border States. (3) The conquered Confederate States, the main obstacle in starting and accomplishing reconstruction was the question of how to provide the things necessary for the population to live on and how to establish governments that would meet these social needs. Because as the war was going on and the remaining of the troops in the conquered southern states had reduced the lives of the population to an uncivilized one. Slaves did not know what to do with their newfound freedom. In 1862, Lincoln selected military governors in Tennessee, North Carolina, and Louisiana, and their job was to arouse the populations of these states that were still loyal. Didn’t work in NC, but in Tennessee mostly because of the help of Andrew Jackson and in Louisiana, because of the help of Butler and Banks.
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paideia research - Andrew Jacksons views on how...

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