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Du Bois & Washington

Du Bois & Washington - Du Bois Washington Samuel...

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Samuel Gaylord Professor Needham 2/20/08
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Booker T. Washington’s ideas were influenced by the relationships he witnessed between slave owners and their slaves. This caused his proposed goals to try and make African Americans more equal, but not entirely equal. On the other hand, W.E.B. Du Bois had the right ideas and was trying to get total equality for African Americans. But his ideas were too advanced for the people of this time and would take about 80 years before they would be accomplished. So Washington’s ideas were more suitable for the times and so were more effective Booker T. Washington was born on a plantation in Franklin County, Virginia as a slave in either 1858 or 1859.The earliest memories he has are of the plantation and of the slave cabins. His life had begun in the most miserable, bleak, and daunting surroundings. This is not because of the cruelty of his masters but like most slaves, the bad conditions in which he was forced to live and the hard work he had to endure. Washington learned from what he saw as a child that Black Slaves gained just as much as white folks did from slavery. What he saw was slaves that while wanted their own freedom, they had also grown attached to their masters because most of the slaves had been on the same plantations for most of their lives. This statement that the black slaves got just as much from slavery as white folks, Washington justified this view by stating that the whole concept of slavery was made so that labor, was a sign of inferiority. Because of this the master, nor any of his children, did any manual labor and in addition to the house often being in disrepair, and so the white slave owners and their offspring
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Du Bois & Washington - Du Bois Washington Samuel...

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