Blood done sign my name lecture

Blood done sign my name lecture - do we do with it?...

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“Blood Done Sign My Name ” lecture Willmington, NC – Important part in story, Wilmington Race Riots (1898) Major Theme – How history is seen Paternalism = Condescension based on race Like any social movement, NOT monolithic: goals and ways to reach them Major Strands - nonviolent action (MLK) - possibility of violence militancy (Malcolm X – nonviolent movement not working) Important Dates MLK “I have a dream” speech Delivered 28 August 1963 At the Lincoln Memorial, DC Sixteenth Street Baptist Church Bombing Birmingham Al, Sunday Sept 15 1963 Malcolm X Speech “Message to the Grass Roots.” Delivered Nov. 10, 1963 in Detroit The civil rights movement and Black Power Civil Rights movement is never Monolithic <in 1970 then ever before Genre: History, Memoir, Both Religion and social justice History, complitcity, and race: what does “all that old stuff” have to with us? And what
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Unformatted text preview: do we do with it? Morally, intellectually, personally? Creative Nonfiction/Memoir: the truth as I see it. What features of each genre is Tyson using in Blood Done Sign My Name ? Why? What does sexual fears have to do with racial violence Progressive Christianity A long history of relationships between faith and activism. Anti-slavery acts mainly used New Testament as rationale for anti-slavery Approaching history: personal responses What is an instance in which history (define it how you want) touched your family? From whom did you hear about it? What did you hear? What did you think about it then, and what do you think about it now? Always more complicated Intersectionality: Youre never only one thing....
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Blood done sign my name lecture - do we do with it?...

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