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Paper #3 - formatting and refer to the Chicago Manual of...

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History 163 Spring Term 2008 Paper 3, due 25 April 2008 Write a 3-4pp. essay in response to the following question: If you see movement towards a resolution to the Arab-Israeli conflict, what turn of events or historical trend leads you most strongly to that conclusion? If you see no movement towards a resolution, what consistent behaviors lead you to this conclusion? In answering this question, you must use at least two documents from the Smith book. In this essay I am most interested in how you analyze documents in order to show change over time (or the absence of change). Be aware that many of the documents, particularly those appended to the later chapters of the book, are proposals and pieces of oral or written rhetoric; in your paper you will need to be careful about drawing the distinction between plans, claims, and action. Keep in mind that a paper without precise dates, personal names, or geographical points of reference will not score as well as a paper that does. Please refer to the syllabus for any questions about
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Unformatted text preview: formatting, and refer to the Chicago Manual of Style for questions about citation and writing style. You may elect to consult sources beyond the textbook in order to answer this question, but you should budget the majority of the space in your essay to a close scrutiny of the documents from Smith. If you do use outside sources, though, you need to be very careful about the quality and credibility of those sources. If you have a doubt about a source’s credibility, you may ask me or simply opt not to use it. You must of course cite these sources at the appropriate places in your essay. If you are having difficulty writing this essay, you may discuss the essay with me during office hours, or you may contact me by email to make an appointment outside of office hours. In addition, you may consult the Writing Center in the library basement....
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