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Historl120B lecture 7

Historl120B lecture 7 - Lecture 7 Week 4 Five years after...

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Lecture 7 Week 4 April 21, 2008 Five years after Central and Eastern Europe were out of the “great depression” these countries were at a height; many people joined some sort of extremist movements; leftist movement (communism) failed they became illegal underground movements and had little impact on the masses of the population right wing movements gained ground immediately after the war; fascism did not break through immediately (except for in Italy) but It is still had effect After the Depression a new sort of revolution hit because people wanted to find a way out of the horrible situation RIGHT WING EXTREMISM was a good answer to the great depression; a good example is Hitler; Hitler’s view’s gained power and soon after he gained power he got rid of parliament and started and extreme totalitarian rule; There were now 2 authoritarian regimes in central Europe (Italy and Germany) Central and Eastern Europe sold products to Germany; Germany offered to buy unsalable products for higher than world market price; ½- 1/3 of the trade of these countries by the mid 1930’s was with Germany Democracy existed in Czechoslovakia; the Czechs and the Slovaks came together after the first war as one state; they also wanted to become a nation; to be homogenized (like
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