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Historl120B lecture 4 - Lecture 4 Week 2 April 9 2008...

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Lecture 4 Week 2 April 9, 2008 Nationalism was the third revolution that was a lot more successful than the other to Its values were extremely xenophobic; terms of blood to where you belonged; citizenship was not enough to belong to the nation; you could be a Jew in Poland but you weren’t a Pole; TH IS TYPE OF NATIONALISM HAS BEEN CALLED “TRIBAL NATIONALISM” ; they were very anti-minority; it was more of a BLOOD relationship to the nation (or the land) Nationalism probably goes back to the 16 th century; in Western Europe at that time, absolutist states took over and homogenized the areas; this did not happen in Central and Eastern Europe at the time; instead the Hapsburg Empire, the Ottoman Empire; and Austrian-Hungarian Empire did not homogenize the state; it resulted in a mix of people; different languages After WWI; in all of the newly established countries 1/3 of the land was taken by MINORITIES; these countries were (Poland, Czechoslovakia); only two countries had homogenous populations, these are Albania and Hungary Why did this happen that way?; the boarders were not made on ethnic boarders; but they were made leaving ½ of Albanians in Yugoslavia; the problem was UNIFYING ALL ALBANIANS; the same thing happened with Hungary; many Hungarians were left out of the boarders; THEY WERE NOT HAPPY THAT THEY WERE TECHNICALLY HOMOGENOUS STATES; THEY WANTED TO UNITE ALL PEOPLE OF THEIR ETHNICITY Nation Building is not complete in Central and Eastern Europe; 8 countries became 26 countries and today is 28 countries; 2 countries became independent in the past few months; MONTENEGRO became independent from Yugoslavia; Kosovo declared its independence a few weeks ago and 40 countries of the world recognized its independence; question of Macedonia is
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Historl120B lecture 4 - Lecture 4 Week 2 April 9 2008...

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