Historl120B lecture 8

Historl120B lecture 8 - Lecture 8 Week 4 The Second WW was...

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Lecture 8 Week 4 April 23, 2008 The Second WW was the greatest shock for Central and Eastern Europe; this lecture will cover the consequences; how did the second WW eliminate future history for central and eastern Europe Most of Central and Eastern Europe was occupied by Nazi Germany for most of the war (Poland, Czech, Yugoslavia); states like (Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia) became puppets (satellites) of Nazi Germany; Quisling became the symbol of collaboration between Germany Those who participated and collaborated with Germany were punished after the war; an institution established after the war (Allied Military Control Committees) which according to the Great Power agreements would be led by the country that liberated the area More than 200 collaborators were executed for participating in Hitler’s war; 3500 former officials were taken as prisoners; in Hungary 60,000 investigations, and 27,000 were sentenced; After the war harsh retribution and punishment characterized ALL countries which were under Nazi rule; in France people were killed with no official trials, 126,000 were tried, 6,700 were given the death sentence; in Italy nearly 15,000 people were killed or lynched without any evidence (including Mussolini); many were tried and given the death sentence; Austria was made part of the German Reich in 1938; it was not a military action because
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Historl120B lecture 8 - Lecture 8 Week 4 The Second WW was...

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