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Doves - final - Doves Writing 1150 Ursula Hegi was born in...

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Doves Writing 1150
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Ursula Hegi was born in Germany and immigrated to America at eighteen. She is a professor of creative writing at the University of Washington. In “Doves”, Hegi (1992) introduces the character Francine, a woman who lives alone in an apartment in Portland and works at K-Mart. One day after buying two gray doves, Francine changes the radio station to get away from the loud man asking for donations and finds herself on the country-western station. Although she usually finds it tacky, Francine notices the doves perk their heads when she pauses at the station. For the first time, Francine finds herself singing along with the woman on the radio who laments of lost love. Hegi allows the reader to get an inside look at the life of Francine through the purchase of two doves and her subsequent behavior in both her private and work life that leaves the impression that Francine has suffered a love loss of her own in the past. Using the setting and prevalent symbolism in “Doves”, Hegi paints a picture of lost love and shows how the simple action of purchasing two doves allows Francine to break free of her routine behavior and move on with her life. It is not until Francine brings the doves home that she begins to notice the subtle
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Doves - final - Doves Writing 1150 Ursula Hegi was born in...

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