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Apple Case Study

Apple Case Study - personal users the ability to run either...

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April 7, 2008 Case Study Three – Apple 1. Apple is not a dominant provider of personal computers due to platform issues. Microsoft  gained an early lead in the PC market and most software is designed to run on their  platform. Many businesses used the Windows platform to run their day-to-day programs,  since using a Mac would have been more problematic in terms of compatibility. Some of  this can be contributed to the decision made by Apple in 1991 not to license their  software to other computer manufacturers, while IBM PC clones were being started very  rapidly. 2. It was a wise decision for Apple to use Intel processors. This allows business and 
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Unformatted text preview: personal users the ability to run either a Mac or Windows operating system, which makes it easier for PC users to make the transition to Apple computers. Many users like certain aspects of Apple software or OS, but have felt the need to stick with Windows for compatibility purposes or for ease of use (since they knew how to use it already.) With this new choice of Intel processors, users can now have the best of both worlds, and users who may not have purchased an Apple computer previously will feel more inclined to give it a try. 3....
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