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Hist lecture 1

Hist lecture 1 - Lecture 1 Week 1 January 8 2008 Class only...

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Lecture 1 Week 1 January 8, 2008 Class only covers period from 1933-1939 Germany was with the US the most advanced country at the time A very systematic well thought out operation of mass murder (with installations to kill people upon arrival) was done by the advanced country A result of modern technology and modernity? A secret known by practically everybody 30,000 trains everyday only 2 or 3 can be scheduled for deportation of Jews to death camps because of other military needs and regular civilian transportation Eichmann was caught in Argentina (he was director of Jewish affairs in Hitler’s regime); tried in the 60’s Nuremberg trials and Auschwitz trials were covered in press and people were exposed to the details Waves of student movements (in US and Germany) against the parents; asking them “where were you?” Anne Frank’s diary became known in the 50’s; translated into every possible
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