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Jesse Yoo Desiderio Falling in Place Response 04/15/07 F a l l in g in Place Falling in Place by Anne Beattie consists of a series of disjointed character relationships that occur in a suburban environment. In this book, place and the interactions and relationships between characters are the main basis of Beattie’s arguments and opinions. Through these character relationships and interactions, it allows her to emphasize certain issues that need to be addressed or touched upon. Beattie employs fragmentation of the plot throughout the novel but finally intertwines all the connections between the characters together, similar to putting a puzzle together. The interactions that are seen through this novel emphasize the point that there is always a place for every individual to fall into, hence the title. Beattie utilizes place that the characters, John, Angela, and Louise are in and their interactions with other characters, to shape the identity of each one and to address how the themes of conformity, individualism, and feminism are represented in each interaction. The suburbs mold the character, Angela, to be more of a conformist in this novel. Angela lives in the suburb and seems to be consumed about outward appearance and about how others will view her. It is revealed that Angela is a bulimic when the narrator states, “Then she would turn up the volume on the stereo and go into the bathroom and stick her finger down her throat to vomit so she would stay thin” (Beattie, 66). It seems as
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Anne beattie essay - Jesse Yoo Desiderio Falling in Place...

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