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Opinion in the Eyes of Jamie Whyte Jesse Yoo In our society today, the word opinion means an individual’s voice or point of view in a certain discussion or subject. In “Odds On” by Jamie Whyte, he bashes at the whole concept of religion and considers everyone’s opinion dealing with religion to be unimportant and wrong. He points out that one cannot form an opinion until and unless one has enough data and evidence supporting his or her opinion. I believe that an opinion needs to be based on personal experiences and can be expressed without the necessity of factual data such as numbers, percentages, statistics, and measurements. Without opinions there would be no diversity and feedback from different sides of an issue. Although Whyte defines opinion as a statement by an individual which holds no truth unless proven with data, he contradicts himself and uses our understanding of opinion which is an individual’s personal choice or view on a subject that does not have to be proven and manipulates the meaning to suit his own needs and claims that religion is a hopeless bet, that any religion with an eternal heaven or hell are all the same, and that mysteries are other forms of an opinion which are untrue because they can not be proven with data, thus misguiding his readers into believing his fallacious arguments and assertions that religion is unimportant and wrong, that each religion has an equal chance of being the chosen one, and that people do not have the personal right to decide whether or not to believe in mysteries. Whyte considers any religion or doctrine that joins everlasting happiness to
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JesseYooR1 - Opinion in the Eyes of Jamie Whyte Jesse Yoo...

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