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Jesse Yoo An area of forest equal to 20 football or rugby fields is slain every sixty seconds in order to quench our thirst for wood (Jocelyn Rochen). . To some, this may just seem like another unimportant fact, and they may think that we can always grow more but I believe this should be a cause for concern. Growing trees takes much time and time is what we are in a shortage of. Environmental issues affect every single organism that exists on a daily basis. One issue that should have more attention and consideration be put into is deforestation. Trees and forests are being cut down at an alarming rate, and if something actions are not taken, the result could be devastating in the future. One may ask, why are trees being cut at such an exponential rate , no comma the answer is that increasing populations in cities and third world countries are increasing the need for wood. In third world countries, the poor farmers in Brazil, for example, are using the slash and burn method in order to survive (Jocelyn Rochen). The slash and burn method is when farmers cut down and burn trees in order to obtain the ash which is employed as a fertilizer, and the land is then used for cattle grazing or farming . I believe that governments all across the world should uphold stronger restrictions against deforestation or should ban the cutting down of trees all together altogether because deforestation leads to a decrease in medicines and possible medicines that could be found , and increase in number of destroyed wildlife habitats , and global climatic issues involving the green house effect and erosion .
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As more and more trees are being slain in the forests, the possibility of finding a cure for certain diseases are decreasing or already zero . Who knows, we might have already lost the chance for a cure for cancer or we may destroy our only hope of a cure for HIV tomorrow. The World Rainforest Report 26 stated that researchers isolated a compound that was found from a twig of a Malaysian gum tree which was found to block the spread of the AIDS virus, but as biologists were sent quickly back to the same area
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JesseYooR3 - Jesse Yoo An area of forest equal to 20...

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