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Part 1 1) Essay Title and Author- Happiness is a warm planet, Thomas Gale Moore -The text of the paragraph -The optimal way to deal with potential climate change is not to embark on a futile attempt to prevent it, but to promote growth and prosperity so that people will have the resources to deal with the normal set of natural disasters. Based on the evidence, including historical records, global warming is likely to be good for most of mankind. The additional carbon, rain and warmth should promote the plant growth necessary to sustain an expanding world population. Global change is inevitable; warmer is better; richer is healthier. -Number of sentences in the paragraph- 5 -Average number of words per sentence - 18 -Average number of prepositions per sentence- 2 -Most prepositions in one sentence- 3 -Most words in a sentence- 42 -Fewest words in a sentence- 3 -Number of colons, semicolons, and dashes used- 2 -Verbs used- 6 -Strongest verb used- promote -Adjectives and descriptions used- 8 -Best descriptive word- healthier ______________________________________________________________________ 2) Essay Title and Author- Climate Change Menace or Myth, Fred Pearce The text of the paragraph- The hostile criticism is coming from the skeptics who question the reality of climate change. Critics have always been around, but in recent months their voices have become increasingly prominent and influential. One British newspaper called climate change a "global fraud" based on "left-wing, anti-American, anti-west ideology".
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JesseYooRevision4 - Part 1...

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