Historl120B lecture 2

Historl120B lecture 2 - Lecture 2 Week 1 April 2 2008...

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Lecture 2 Week 1 April 2, 2008 nWestern Europe; proto industrialization; the economic system advances beyond the guild system; proto industrialization would lead to specialization of labor; known as the putting out system; expertise in one aspect of production; the problem with that is that productivity is produced; in western Europe in 18 th century eventually pre-mechanical factories Central/Eastern Europe this did not happen until much later; people produced things for themselves (built their own house, got their own food) Dutch developed 17 crop allowed them to use land all year round; this came as a result of the Agricultural Revolution Before the Agricultural Revolution, you had to kill your animals because they could not feed them through the winter; now they were able to continue to grow crop through the winter and feed their animals Between 16 th -18 th century in W. Europe there were absolutists states; government collected taxes; governed language and language was eventually stabilized (many dialects became unified) Economic development allowed for tax stabilization to allow the state to survive In Central or Eastern Europe there was a lack of absolutist states; 11 different language spoken in Austria Hungarian empire; no sense of state; lack of nation building and commercial capitalism; most of the people lost their independence (conquered by different empires) Austria Hungarian empire focused most of its money (40%) on military; less than one
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Historl120B lecture 2 - Lecture 2 Week 1 April 2 2008...

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