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Facilitate Communication - Facilitate Communication/Clever...

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Facilitate Communication/Clever Hans 17:48 Facilitated communication helps…those suffering with autism Since someone cant speak their thoughts they can type it Fc claims most people are not retarded Someone holding their hand/helping the slow down ….makes fc good to some Was the typing coming from the facilitator or person with autism? General Theme? Why does it seem to work? Do you think there a way scientifically prove it? What is good/bad about the investigation that have been done? What do we learn from fc that is important for research in general? (ethics, validity of data) General opinions do you agree? FC has a good impact because those viewed who did not have the ability to  express themselves who were thought of as impaired and retarded  can now  communicate and they are no longer viewed in this manner Autism kids are often abused Mathew and autistic child typed that his dad  abused him
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Facilitate Communication - Facilitate Communication/Clever...

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