physiological psych notes unit one

physiological psych notes unit one - Dorsal horn/ ventral...

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Dorsal horn/ ventral horn: made up of grey matter Generally carry sensory information Columns: white matter Generally carry s___________ information What division of PNS controls non emergency functions? Parasympathetic What do superior coliculi do? Eye movement Inferior coliculi? Auditory What is the only sense not routed through the thalumus to the cortex? Olfactory What is the sulcus dividing frontal lobe from parietal? Central sulcus What is division between 2 hemispheres? Sagital fissure What is division between temporal and parietal? Lateral sulcus What is division between parietal and occipital? Parietal/occipital sulcus What are 5 lobes? Frontal, parietal, occipital, temporal, ____________ Where is primary motor cortex located? _______________ What area of brain has 15x more dendritic spines than occipital cortex? Prefrontal cortex Homunculus? Drawing that depicts various areas of brain and how devoted to different areas of body Singulate cortex? Emotion- anterior sulcate has been experiemented with emotional pain and physical pain- Anterior to posterior (posterior implicated in studies of friendship); Frontal Lobe Continued: Major connection of 2 hemispheres- white matter/ axons Can be affected long term by upbringing- tend to have different social behavior and smaller curpus collusum than mother reared monkeys Also can be affected by gender- women have larger corpus callosum than men Also connected by smaller anterior commisure Olfactory bulb- can bypass thalamus Parietal Lobe different animals have different amounts devoted to hairiness Has association cortex particularly lateralized- left language, right selective attention Right half: spatial aspects. Lesion of the right p.l causes patient to not pay attn to left side of body Left half: language; aphasia if lesion; connects temporal and frontal through arcaute fasciculus Occipital Lobe Destroy any part of PVC and have blindness in that part of the eye Temporal lobe Insular cortex: Cortex lining the folds that are mostly in the parietal area; involved in love and disgust; sometimes referred to as 5th lobe; located internally (cannot identify) Amygdala Anterior temporal lobe; involved in many emotions, learning and memory (fear and conditioning) Central amygdala- fear, fear conditioning Medial amygdala- social memory Hippocampal formation: Subdivision of cerebral hemispheres In posterior part of temporal lobe Associated with learning and memory- affected by alzheimers Lesions- very destructive to memory formation Lateral geniculate nucleus Medial genigulate nucleus 5 areas of hippocampus: CA1-4, dentate gyrus
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physiological psych notes unit one - Dorsal horn/ ventral...

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